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Shin Takes all the toughest duty

Features like inventory management, invoicing, bank connection etc. all are included in our bookkeeping plans. Why is Shin good for business? We help businesses to work the way they need to, now.

Daily Bookkeeping
  • Clearing of back-log

  • Setting up of appropriate accounting systems

  • Accounting books and records

  • Periodic reports

Payroll – MPF Setup & Processing
  • Setting up of appropriate payroll systems

  • Preparation and maintenance of staff and freelances records

  • Liaising with MPF trustee

  • Liaising with staff clock-in‭ / ‬clock-out‭ ‬and commission procedures

  • Online‭ / ‬Iphone-Android app

  • Unlimited accounts on app

Annual Statutory Audit Assistance
  • Clearing of back-log accounts

  • Financial statements‭:‬‭ ‬General Ledger‭, ‬Balance Sheet‭, ‬Profit and Loss Account

  • Liaising with auditors and tax agents during financial year-end

It’s easier to control your business with Shin

Features like inventory management, invoicing, bank connection etc. all is included in our bookkeeping plans.


Lean, easy to control,
know your bestselling


Pay now button on invoice,
get paid faster

Bank Connection

Keep track of money
in and out in single app

  • Accept payments

  • Asset management

  • Bank connections

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Business performance report

  • Contact and smartlists

  • Expenses

  • File storage

  • Invoicing

  • Multi-currency

  • Pay bills

  • Purchase orders

  • Quotes

  • Reporting

  • Sales tax

  • Search

  • Secure data protection

About Shin

Shin provides “light-touch” accounting advisory services perfect for any business size, at both domestic and international level.

We lead SMEs to transform their accounting practice by offering flat rate accounting plans for finial year-round accounting services covering regulatory compliance bookkeeping, taxation and payroll at the best possible price.

Shin opens up a world of opportunities to increase efficiency, streamline the way you manage your business, and add moments of beauty into your working day.

Partner with Shin to make businesses beautiful

Make more clients with less effort when you become a Shin partner – it’s what we’re here to do. We are striving to offer a One Stop Consulting and IT Service that make any kind of business easier.


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